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Dragon Brand’s Brand Story

  • A dedication to
    Bird’s Nest

    Our founder, the late Mr Tan Kim Pheow migrated from Chaonan (South China) in the late 1930s and worked as a marine foodstuffs trader through the post-war tumultuous years. Dismayed by the unhygienic handling of dried bird’s nest, he was determined to improve the process and do it better.

    With Mrs Tan, they cleaned nests tirelessly beside oil lamps, weighed and packed each lot personally, insisting on the right colour, taste and yield for his fledgling business. Business grew and in 1957, Dragon Brand Bird’s Nest was founded, named after the Dragon for prosperity and longevity.

  • Only the best from nest

    Till today, our bird’s nests are harvested by hand responsibly from the imposing sea caves off Yogyakarta, Indonesia’s spiritual center and one of the region’s most important breeding grounds for wild costal swiftlets.

  • A promise of authenticity

    Native pickers, working on only 15 pieces per shift, deftly examine and clean each harvested nest with a time-honoured consistency before they are exported to Singapore where they are further cleaned naturally and processed to the strictest of quality standards as you would expect from our brand.

  • Pioneering forward

    In 1986, Dragon Brand became the world’s first to bottle bird’s nest hygienically in glass bottles, sealing in our trademark quality and bringing bird’s nest to the masses. Today, Dragon Brand continues to break new ground with new concepts and experiences.

  • Awakening a newfound vitality

    Today, as we celebrate our legacy, a new generation awakens to the authentic 
    goodness of bird’s nest made and prepared right. Aromatic, golden and always full.

    A tonic for wellness or a deserving boost for your beauty routine, our founder’s vision and persistence to provide only the best shines brighter than ever. This striving endeavor is the heartbeat of Dragon Brand, a shared promise to our customers and our mark of distinction for many more generations to come.

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