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A Promise of Quality

Dragon Brand

The Promise of Quality

Since its inception in 1957, Dragon Brand's has been a household name for quality and taste.

More than half of century of dedication to only providing the best to its customers, Dragon Brand has set the industry's standard for dried and bottled bird's nest.

Humble Beginnings

Founded by Mr Tan Kim Pheow in 1957, Dragon Brand has its roots in cleaning and selling quality dried bird's nest for almost 30 years.

Birth of The World's 1st Bottled Bird's Nest

In 1986, Mr Norman Tan, son of Mr Tan Kim Pheow and current Director of Kim Hing Food Industries, created the world's 1st bottled bird's nest.

Graduated as an engineer from University of London and having had a lustrous career in General Motors, Norman made use of his knowledge and experience to create bottled bird’s nest as a ready-to-eat product, succeeding after a year of trial and error.

Setting Up Factory Operations

With his family's support, Norman set up a factory to produce bottled bird's nest commercially.

With the ground-breaking invention of the bottled bird's nest, Dragon Brand became the leading brand in its industry.

Norman further developed numerous popular products such as the Concentrated Bird's Nest and Mini Swallow Collection.

Revolutionizing The Bird's Nest Industry

Dragon Brand's bottled bird’s nest is entirely cooked and sterilized with high heat and high pressure, without the use of preservatives.

Its unique technology retained the taste, nutrition and texture of home-cooked bird's nest.

Continuous Development & Improvement

Dragon Brand has won numerous accreditations and awards throughout the years.

Nestory by Dragon Brand

In 2023, Nestory by Dragon Brand is born.

Nestory provides freshly stewed bird’s nest (小鲜炖 FreshStew series) and daily fresh bakes.

House specialties include bird's nest desserts, tarts, cinnamon rolls, korean buns, croissants and more.

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